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Helping Hand || Sumia & Libra


"You’re lying now. Did you talk to anyone about it? Libra you can’t just leave injures like that. It’s only going to get worse." Sumia moved towards him and reached out a hand but let it drop. She wasn’t sure if he’d listen to her, but she had to try.

"I don’t believe you. You need to get yourself taken care of. And how can I not worry? I’m not cold hearted. You’re in pain. I just don’t want to see you get even more hurt." But it wasn’t like Sumia could force him to do anything right? Still she’d feel even worse if she didn’t try and convince Libra to take care of himself. She couldn’t understand why he hadn’t done more.

Sumia frowned and then gestured towards her tent. “Do you need to sit down? I can make the tea.” She wasn’t sure yet what to do but she wasn’t going to let Libra go for now.

Being accused of lying made him feel worse, and he quieted for a moment to lean down and pick up the holy book. He gently dusted it off and handed it to her again. She was so determined to help, to make him feel better. She was so kind hearted, clean of spirit. He swallowed and breathed out, heading for her tent with her. Once they were inside, he sat himself down and looked at the ground.

"It’s only that, well…" he started and licked his lips, "I don’t like when people touch me, is all… I have a visceral reaction of panic. And, knowing that someone will have to touch me to heal it… frightens me."

It was a hard thing to admit. He continued covering his bases, “But I did speak with Lissa, and she said what I told you.”

Helping Hand || Sumia & Libra


Sumia waited for herself to hit the ground but it never came. Instead she felt an arm wrap around her. Had Libra caught her before she fell? It was  confirmed when she heard the sound of a gasp from above her. She waited until she was back on her feet before turning to face Libra.

He was holding his shoulder, the same one he had mentioned hurting. It looked like he was in pain. A thought came over Sumia. Had Libra lied to her about his shoulder getting better? Had he even talked to Lissa about it?

"Why did you lie to me," she asked, her tone soft and not accusatory. "It has gotten worse hasn’t it?"

He looked up at her and shook his head, coming again to his full height and cringing at the pain, “Lying is a sin,” he breathed out, “I simply didn’t address the matter… Rest was the best option, but doing that wasn’t exactly rest,” he gently massaged his shoulder, trying to start up the oxygen flow again and stop the muscle from cramping.

He glanced at her again, “It… The condition has gotten worse, yes, but, I should be fine. Please do not worry yourself over me.”

Helping Hand || Sumia & Libra


Sumia didn’t pay much mind to his sudden standing and followed him over to his tent. She hadn’t read much of scriptures of Naga, but she was looking forward to the experience. She had a wide range of taste in her reading even if she preferred fantasy.

Sumia looked down at the book surprised that it was so new. She looked up at Libra with a wide smile and shook her head again at him. “No it’s alright. I am sure I’ll like it. Thank you so much for giving it to me.” Sumia felt herself grin wider when he asked about the tea and she turned too suddenly.

She felt her balance fail and saw the ground rise up to meet her like it normally did. She dropped the book letting out a cry of surprise as she tumbled forward face first.

Libra was glad to bring such a smile to her face, and wished he could allow himself to show more excitement and pleasure. He was glad to make her happy.

When she turned, her footing was off and she went hurtling toward the ground. But Libra was fast to react, and caught her swiftly and firmly around the abdomen in the crook of his elbow. He gasped loudly and clamped his eyes shut, only just realizing he had used his bad arm. A shock of pain when from the source outward, and it spasmed and cramped on itself.

When she got her balance and stood again, he kept his head lowered and his hand on his shoulder, silent as he tried to suppress the pain, overcome it. He took a deep breath, also half panicking over coming in physical contact with another person.

Helping Hand || Sumia & Libra


Sumia shook her head, smiling sheepishly at Libra. “Ah it’s not my boots fault I keep tripping. It’s more like I need new feet. I’ve always been clumsy, even as a child. I’ve tried to get better but I’ve only slightly improved.” Her cheeks were slightly pink. Sumia was use to being a klutz but it always made her feel embarrass talking about it or when she feel down in front of large groups.

"You might like a new one I picked up. It’s slightly bitter but with some milk or honey you can’t really tell." She wasn’t aware of his dislike of sweets. She wouldn’t tell Gaius of course, but she also had a fondness for sweet things.

The knight looked down at the papers as Libra spoke. She moved closer still bumping her shoulder into his. She gave him an apologetic look. “Thank you. I would like that. I always enjoy reading new things. I read as much as I fall down,” she tried to joke.

He stood quickly when their shoulders touched and smiled at her. He lead her to his tent and crouched into the opening, shuffling inside a moment before coming out back out. He seemed a little embarrassed, although it was his job to spread the word of Naga, “It might be… A little bland.”

It was a new book, he had just bought it, with handmade leather and a clasp. He looked down a moment, then back at her, “But it teaches very valuable lessons, even if, well, Naga isn’t the path you’ve chosen. It has much to think about, really. I hope you enjoy it.”

He took another pause and tipped his head to the side, “Would you mind making me some of that tea?”

Helping Hand || Sumia & Libra


Sumia was pleased - and surprised - when Libra made room for her. She slowly lowered herself, resting beside him. She sat a few inches from him leaving a small space between them. She noticed the scripture in his hands and found herself curious.

"So you are feeling better? I guess not moving around might be difficult. You won’t be able to fight much with an injury. But I am glad you are doing better. I was worried."

Sumia thought of her ownself and then nodded at him. “I have been well. I bruised myself in training but it was my own fault. I have also been trying out teas.” Sumia leaned a little closer to Libra to look at the scripture. “What are you reading?”

Libra simply ignored the question of his own health, not wanting to lie, but not wanting to tell her it had gotten worse. So he focused on her, “I really do believe you should get new boots. Continually hurting yourself is more of a bother than just asking for new ones…”

He nodded in acknowledgement when she mentioned tea, “Have you? I’ve always preferred plain camomile. It’s a little… Plain. But, I don’t like when things are too sweet,” he glanced at her, “But don’t tell Gaius I said that.” he was joking, but his tone didn’t change any. When questioned about the scripture, he picked it back up and opened to the page he was on. The book was covered in notes in the margins, and bloated with pieces of paper crammed inside. It was almost an obsession, a frantic release for his thoughts, “… It’s a story about a man who can’t get his crops to grow, and every day he asks Naga for help. She tells him that he must plant a new seed every day, and have his family care for each one individually. That they were too busy focusing on the farm as a whole. Soon it grows and grows, and they make a business out of it. A very humble story about hard work and attention to detail.” he clutched the book harder, “I would loan it to you, but this copy is very special to me… I have another in my tent, if you like…”

Hot Springs || Libra & Virion


Virion noticed the scar, but saw no reason to bring it up. Even he, a noble born in pampered circumstances, had his share of scars. Not all were caused by enemies, either.

He followed suit and pinned up his hair in a messy bun. No need to worry about appearance in a place like a sauna, after all. While in the changing room, he decided to make light conversation. 

"So how long have you been a man of the cloth, anyway? And how on earth did you learn to command such ferocious combat on the battle field? You fight like a… well, not exactly like a demon per se… more like… a vengeful angel. Your movements are as graceful and efficient as they are powerful. It really is a marvel to see you at work, I must say.”

Libra simply continued on into the sauna, not seeing the need to change out of his current clothes. He waited for Virion and then shut the door behind them, taking a seat on one of the long benches around the room. He shut his eyes and breathed out, “…About fifteen years now. I was brought to the monastery when I was, ah… I’m unsure,” he twiddled his thumbs, “I don’t like to think back that far. I was young. An alter boy, then priest, and now we’re here…”

He cringed at the word demon and looked away, collecting himself once again and disguising his discomfort as a cough. He sat straight again and licked his lips, “…The same way everyone else does, diligence and determination when training. I prefer to heal on the battle field, though.”
He stopped himself from saying that it takes restraint when he fights, “The appearance of power is only there because of the weapon. It’s a brutal one, I must say. It must be nice, standing so far from the battle,” he smiled softly at Virion, with that same control and restraint he always had, “…I sometimes wish that I was an archer, or a mage. So that I could keep my distance.”

He rubbed his palms on his robe and tipped his head back, breathing out to try and release any negative energy inside him, “But… Let us not speak of battle. We are here to cleanse ourselves. Relax…”

Helping Hand || Sumia & Libra


Sumia wiped the sweat from her brow. The sun had risen further up in the sky showing that it was afternoon now. Sumia took pride in her training. She had only fallen a few times and she could feel herself improving. But it was time for a break. Sumia was getting hungry and she also wanted to check on Lovebirds.

She made another note to take a bath later. As she headed back into camp she spotted a few others. She noticed Libra as one of the people and paused for a moment. She recalled their last conversation. He had been having trouble. She wondered if he was doing better now. She headed over in his direction and waved at him.

"Libra. Good afternoon. Are you doing better?"

Libra was reading a scripture, he hardly read much else, and was very immersed in the lesson being taught. He had read it countless times, but he always found new ways to learn from it, put on different lenses and see it in a different way. He hardly heard Sumia, and finished the sentence he was reading before giving her his full attention, “Good afternoon,” he responded and made room for her on the makeshift bench that was made from a fallen log, “I am. I’ve been resting it, not moving so much. Lissa agreed that was the best choice for it. It’s not worth wasting a staff,” he set the book aside, “And you?”

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